Thursday, December 22, 2011

beauty Christmas wish list!! :)

Here's a beauty wish list!! This isnt necessarily for me! This is a list of things that you could use to get gifts for people, or send this link to someone you know who is getting you a gift and keeps asking you what you want!! haha :) But these are just products that are probably on every woman's Christmas wish list!! :) sorry..... i ramble sometimes!! 

lets start with fragrances!! 

This is "Noir Tease" from victoria's secret!! I LOVE this sent!! It reminds me ALOT of jucy couture's "Viva La Jucy"  Its a mix of floral, fruits and a black vanilla! For the 8.4 oz bottle it is $25 and the mini bottle is $10 dollars :) I bought the mini one!! I had to have this scent!! :) 

 This is "Be Enchanted" from bath and body works! This is a great blend of floral's and pomegranate. Its fresh and its just a great sent! They have sales going on all the time so just check out their site or the store! 

The last sent for this section of the wish list is, "Moroccan Rose" perfume from the body shop!! I HATE the smell of rose perfume, to me its old lady over powering just bleh!! But this is honestly, amazing!!! I love this perfume so much!! :) 

Next Lets get our makeup on! ;) 

This is the "totally neutral" pallet of clinique's "colour surge eye shadow trio" This is a GREAT everyday eye-shadow, and will get great use!! :) its $22.50 and a great stocking stuffer! :) 

 This is the True romance eyeshadow pallet by Kat Von D, called "Ludwig". I love these colors they are still neutral enough to wear everyday but has the colors to make a dramatic look!! This is such a fun set!! 

                     And of course! A couple of these!! I love liquid eyeliner! And at a dollar 
                     a peice, and many many colors! These are a great stocking stuffer!!!
                     Check them out on :)

The last section im going to put on here is nailpolish!! :) 

This nail polish is in the sephora by opi the color is "caught with my khakis down" I love this color its like a grey green, its very pretty and will go well with alot of stuff!! :) its $9.50 from sephora. 

This is nicole by sephora, this color is called "do good, feel good' Love Love Love the name! and Love Love Love the color!!! :) $7.99 at ulta! :)

This is china glaze's "long kiss" This color is rich and i love it for this season!! It can be worn all the way to valentines day!! :D Such a great color!! You can find them at ulta for $7.99

Comment, pics, questions below as always!! :) I love talking with you guys! and hearing your imput!! :) Thanks for reading guys!!! :D check in again soon!! :) 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 days of christmas; Hanuka look!

Today For our collaboration Lindsey and I decided to do a Hanuka inspired look!! :) We were just talking yesterday about how we have been noticing ourselves using more colors in our makeup!! :) I hope you guys are having as much fun as we are with these!!! So here's my look!! If you guys would like me to do a tutorial just leave a comment below!!

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at this and will try a look of your own!! :) sorry to be so short ive been moving all weekend and feel like a mess because i have a cold! hahah :) But thanks for reading!! Check out linseys look!! its soooooooo cute!!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

christmas collaboration; day 7 Kwanzaa inspired!

This season has many holidays in it!Why not give a little recognition to other cultures and other holidays!?! Lindsey and I decided to do just that!! Today's look is Kwanzaa inspired!! :) I did a tutorial for you guys!! :)

Heres a few pics! :)

Thanks for reading and watching guys!! :) I hope liked it!!

Dont forget to check out lindseys look!!! I love it!!! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

6th day of Christmas collaboration!

Christmas trees are unique to every family!! :) That's why Lindsey and I decides to bring you guys outfits/looks inspired by, none other then our own christmas trees!!! :D

Anyone who knows my family knows that we are not your typical everyday family! :D haha We dont even take "Normal" family christmas pictures! From "redneck" to "80's totally awesome christmas!"! This year for chirstmas the frame of our tree is a latter :) haha So with this edgy,colorful tree i bring you my edgy colorful outfit!! :)

This color dress is a redish hot pink color! Its an 80's inspired dress from decoded! :) I paired it with a clear jeweled costume jewelry necklace, and a pair of patent leather black pumps! :)Have fun with your wardrobe this holiday ladies!! :) Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing this!!

But wait!!!! :) YOU NOT DONE YET!!! Check out lindesy's blog! From what i hear its going to be colorful!! :D Check it out! she has a super cute blog yall will love! :)

post pics, comments questions, requests below i love hearing from you!!! :) <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 days of Christmas collaboration! day 5!! GOLD!!

Today Lindesy and i decided that since the 5th day of christmas in the song is 5 golden rings, we would do gold looks for you all!!! :) I know we are both excited to post these for you everyday and we hope you are all loving it as well!! :)

Basically what i did for my look was i used gold eyeshadows, a brown liquid eyeliner, and a dark purple eyeshadow. I took maybelline golden halo creme eyeshadow with, two gold colors from Victorian Disco Cosmetics called Droid, and Do the Jabba Jabba, and layered them with the golden halo over my whole eyelid,  Do the jabba jabba in the center and droid in the very middle and a highlight! Then I took a dark royal purple and accented the crease! I did a winged eyeliner, and then used regular mascara! Super simple! And super cute!! :) Here are some pics!! :)

Dont forget to check out lindesy blog!! She did a super cute gold look!! She went all out!! You will be in love with it!! :D

Thanks again for reading!! :) You guys are great, comments, questions, pictures below! :) Check in soon!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 day collaboration: day 4

Today, it was suppose to be yesterday! Im sorry people for not posting yesterday But we decided to do lip products we are recommending for the holidays!!

My lipstick recommendation is~ BARBIE PINK!!!!! :) bright pink!! This is as much of a statement as red but its is softer and more sweet!! :) Switch it up this season!!

Well ladies and gents! As you may know, I do not typically use lip glosses or lipsticks at all! My top recommendation  for the holiday season is Burt's bees and Burt's bees lifeguards choice!
This stuff is great to keep your lips from getting chapped, and this also protects against, sun and the snow! :)

But for you lip glossers and lip stickers! I would recommend these items!!


These lip glosses are all from bath and body works the first one is a super cute vanilla with white and cream colored glitter, the second is a peppermint gloss, and the last is a cinnamint! :)

Dont forget!! I hope you all have been checking out lidnsey's blog!! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 days of Christmas collaboration, day 3! Finger waves!

Today for our collaboration, we decided to do a holiday party hairstyle! I knew right away what i wanted to do! I wanted to tackle the classic fingerwave!! This is such an elegant look, that will wow everyone at the holiday party!! Now by no means will i say this is an easy look..... This takes dedication and practice! But you will get the hang of it!! I am not doing a video tutorial for this, i am computer challenged and i cant do the fast forward on the videos and blah blah blah.. but im going to put up a diagram for you all! :) Which should be sufficient :)

Sorry about all the pics! :D i just loved it so much that i couldnt stop taking pics! haha :) okay so here is a close up of the waves!

That is what mine turned out like im working on getting them tighter! But that will come in good time! haha

here is a diagram!

Step#1~ Brush hair down with lots of water and and gel!
Step#2~ Brush hair back away from the face in a "c" shape.
Step#3~Push down hair firmly with a finger or two. (or use the side of your hand)
Step#4~ Take the hair underneath and slide comb forward like line under the "c" shape above.
Step#5~ Gently brush that hair smooth
Step#6~Repeat the steps for the separate directions!
Step#7~pin and heat to dry! Take pins out and curl the ends of your hair!!

I hope you guys will try this!! :) as always comments,questions, and pictures are welcome below!! :) thanks for reading!

DONT FORGET*** To check out Lindsey blog!! She is doing a super cute look you guys wont be able to get enough of! :)

fun blog buttons!

So i've done these before but this is my first time making them, and posting them to this blog! I know quite a bit of my followers have blogs of their own!! So im making these blog buttons for you!! :)
Its really easy to do save the button by right clicking on it, then go to edit layout, then add the picture to the side of your blog by pulling it up as a picture!

Hope you enjoy these buttons! Let me know if you would like a personal design or requests! :) 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovely candy cane tips!

This is not part of Lindsey and my collaboration. I was just bored wanted something ne on my nails and anyone who knows me personally knows i paint my nails like 4 days! haha But anyways!! This just a cute simple design  I came up with! I really like the way it turned out i hope you all do as well!! :) Its super easy so try it out for yourself as always if you have any questions, comment, pictures of your own feel free to leave me a comment!! :) thanks for reading!! check in soon!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2nd day of christmas!

Today, we decided to do a christmas inspired eyeshadow look!! My look was inspired simply by the colors of christmas!

heres some pictures of the looks!

thanks for checking in!!

Dont forget to check out lindsey's blog!!

how are you all liking this collaboration?! :) leave me pics if you try the looks! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Victorian Disco Review!!! :)

So, on beautylish Smashley, the maker on Victorian Disco was talking about sending out trial loose shadows!! I jumped on it this is my first time using an indie company! But I really liked her stuff!! So im going to try not to type to much because there are a bunch of pics!! :) haha

So basically to start heres a pic of the colors i got!! :) note aphrodite is actually atropine!!!

So i don't have any primer at the moment, but thats totally fine because the colors are so vibrant on there own!! They even go one very smooth with minimal fallout!

So this is my first look with the shadows! Im calling it "green with envy"! :) The color on the outer in monarchy, middle atropine, inner droids.

This next look with the shadows is called "compliment are always welcome"! The inner color is do the jabba jabba and the outer is ACR!

Lovelies... I would highly recommend her makeup!! Its very vibrant and is true to the color when put on the skin!! You can check out the makeups websites!

Thanks for reading!! I hope you check out her stuff!!