Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring 2012 trends for great prices!

Spring is here!! :) Best thing about a new season is of course switching up your wardrobe! Here are some affordable trends I have for found for ya!


I love nautical for spring!! This shirt is great, crop tops are really in style. This top is called El Capitain Tank, from forever 21. $10.80.

    Pastels are great for spring, you can even use this tank top for summer! This top     is call Crystal Love top, from $18.40

This would probably be my top pick for this spring!! This is so cute! Kiss and Tell tie top from forever 21, $12.80.

This last top on the list is just a cute knit top perfect for an Easter party or a day out at the park! This is the country cottage sweater top, from $18.60

Bright colored pants are very trendy at the moment!! Leave these all the way down or fold them up to capris. Color craze jeans from $29.90 

These shorts are perfect for spring and even summer!This is my top pick for bottoms! They even come with the belt! Button tab cargo shorts, from forever 21, $19.80

You can never go wrong with adding a cute skirt like this to your wardrobe!! Tuesday Treat Skirt, from $16.40

Of course you need a pair of denim shorts!! These are Vintage stonewash denim, from forever21. $17.80

This is a great casual spring dress! I would suggest adding a thin brown belt to the waste!! Sweet Seniorita dress, from $28.80

This dress is adorable!! Great for many many occasions! A must have in my opinion!! Pleated skirtdress, from forever21. $15.80

Rompers are great for those days where you just want to throw something on and go!! This is super cute as well!! Buttoned floral romper from forever21. $12.50

The instant i saw these it was love! These shoes are so cute!! Studded footbed sandals from forever 21, $22.80.

Add a cute pair of wedges to you wardrobe! Paprika Garzon-S Canvas open toe wedges from $24.20 

Floral heals are great for spring!! These are Bali-01 floral peep toe pumps, from $21.50 

As you all know im a sucker for a nude heel! Elongate those legs with these suckers!! :D Delicious jones-S patient round toe pump, from $25.60 

Of course ya gotta have a cute pair of sunglasses for this season! These are Sprouting Spring sunglasses from $10.90 

Fedoras are fun, and great for spring and summer! Knit fedora from forever 21. $9.80

Like i said before i love nautical for spring (actually i always love it but still) This is the sailor tote from forever 21, $19.80

I hope this gave you guys some great inspiration for you spring and maybe even summer wardrobe!! Thanks for reading!! Leave me a comment!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St.Patty's Day!

Since I am of Irish heritage, I knew that I had to post something for you guys!! As you all may know I typically stick to green or natural colors on my eyes, but today I tried something a little different!!

So I pretty much just took my normal green eye shadow look (as seen on my post) After I finished that I used this product: 

This is liquid eyeliner by Warpaint beauty, in the color T-Rex. You can find this product online or in stores at hot topic. This stuff is pretty easy to use if you can use other liquid liners then you can use this! Its pretty vibrant even with the first swipe but I used a second thin layer on top. 

This is my end result! :) Vibrant, festive and fun. Not my typical style but I thought it was super cute!! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Thanks for reading!! leave me some comments below! ;) xo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green eyed goddess!!

Exotic green eyes, green eyes are the least common natural eye color. Only 1.2%  of the worlds population has green eyes. Here are 2 eye shadow techniques for all of you out there with green eyes!!

 The first technique is complimenting your eyes with a complimentary color! Greens complimentary color is red. So I used a light bronze gold, and a lovely coral color. This is more of a natural, less dramatic look to make your eyes pop!!

To get this look, take that bronze color and apply it all over your lid. Next Use a coral color and apply that to the outer half of the eyelid. That's really all for this look!! :)

The next look I did, was just enhancing your eye color with a monochromatic look! This as you know is (in my opinion) the best way to make your eyes pop! This is definitely a dramatic look.

For this eye shadow look I applied a gold all over the eyelid. I took a pale green and added this to the outer 3/4 of the eyelid. To finish it off i added a dark emerald green to the outer corner and crease!

I hope you guys try this out!! I personally have a  mix between green and blue eyes, so I use the blue and the green techniques! You can mix and match too!! Let me know what you guys think and if you try them out!! Question, comments, requests, and pictures in the comment box bellow!! :) Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

blue eyed bombshell!!

Blue eyes, the eyes many wish they had! Live it up!! Play up those lovely eyes with these simple eye shadow techniques!! 

I've said it before, I'll say it again. In my opinion the BEST way to make your eye color pop is with matching eye shadow!! Blue on blue, with out a doubt people will notice your eyes!!

For this eye shadow look I started with a white eye shadow for the base. I took a light blue and added that to inner half of the eyelid and faded that out with a dark blue. Then use a dark blue eyeliner on the bottom waterline!

When you use a gold or orange tinted brown eye shadow the contrast will make make the blue in your eyes really pop!!

For this look I put a pale gold eye shadow all over my lid. Then I took a dark grey and just added it to my crease for some dimension!!

Green eyes are the next and final eye color for this mini series!! If you have any requests or comments leave them in the comment box below!!! :) thanks for reading!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gorgous grey eyes!

Grey eyes are so beautiful! Athena the geek goddess of was was believed to have eyes of grey. These powerful eyes are elegant and fun to play up!! Here are 2 makeup techniques i hope you ladies with grey eyes try!! :)

When you use dark colors on your grey eyes it will really make them pop! Using a dark charcoal black on your eyes will make them stand out!!

 This makeup look is very simple!! Take a black liner and apply it only to the lower eyelid and smudge it out apply a black eye shadow on top of that and then face out the top and the crease with a grey eye shadow! :)

For the next look i used deep jewel tones! Grey eyes are very similar to blue and most grey eyes have a blueish tint, these jewel tones with pull those flecks out to make your eyes be the center of attention!!

for this look i simply applied a deep purple to the inner half of the lid and faded that to a royal blue on the outer half! I did add a little of an emerald green right under the lashes just for one more jewel tone to add some visual interest!!

Tomorrow's eye color in the spotlight is blue!! :) Watch out for that!! I hope you guys are enjoying this mini series! Leave me a comment, or request below! Thanks for reading!! :)