Sunday, January 29, 2012

red hot

Hello my beautiful followers! Soooo im so very excited to post my new hair color for you guys!! This color is obviously not what i told you guys i was going to get, and honestly not the color I intended at all! But it is what it is and i like it quite a bit actually! Plus who knows it may fad to the color i want :D we will see!! The brand of hair dye i used was ion, which i hear is the best long lasting red they sell at sally's, plusss when i bought two i got a free "finger paint" nailpolish so i got a super soft almost nude pink. :) its so pretty ill do a post with the color mmaayyybbbbeee a nail design ;) hehe we will see!! Alright alright, pics already i know!! haha here.

Im so excited for the new stuff i have coming for you guys!!! :) thanks for reading guys!! :) check in soon!! and as always leave me a comment ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

new haircut and, soon to be new hair color! :)

Hey guys!! :) I got my haircut yesterday!! :) my hair was super long, super dead at the ends, and had no layers! Sooooo I put layers got all the gross dead stuff cut off, and got some cute fringe bangs :) inspired by this same picture of the hair color I'm choosing! :)  this is is!!

ahhhhhh im so excited!! :) this is such a pretty color!!!! :)

okay but heres some pics for you guys of the cut! :) i will post pics of the new color too! :)

my hair look red in this pic but its not! haha :) it will be though!!!!!

Im sorry i havent been posting for you guys! i promise i will get better at thay ;) check in soon! :) thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giveaway prize I won! review on the products!!

Hey guys!! :) so it has been a while this i know! haha im so sorry, i just haven't gotten around to post! But today I got in my giveaway prize! Im soooo excited!! okay so lets get started!!

Okay! so the prize came with this set of chapstick and hand salve. The hand salve smells AMAZING!! Its a lavender but i smell alittle pine in there as well, like most hand salves :) It works great as well! Now the chapsticks are great, i love the scents they are so unique!! One is citrus it smells so organic and fresh like the zest from a fresh orange!! And the green tub is SPEARMINT!! ughhh.... i love it!! Its great!!! 

 This is the blush i received! It adds a very fresh pink tint to the skin! and its very soft! The bottom of the compact flips down as well and has a mirror and a place to hold the brush. 

This is the bronzer i got, i love this bronzer the its very natural looking and not shimmery where is extreamly noticeable its very subtle. Like the blush it as well has a mirror on the bottom! 

The mascara has an AMAZING brush!! Its so thick!! This is such a great mascara! :)

And these, my friends, are the brushes i got! Royal and Langnickel brushes! :) 120 dollar value! This is there green silk collection, in a cork case! I LOVE them! I can honestly say though if these wouldn't have been free i never would have been able to call myself the owner of these fine brushes! In my opinion unless you are a professional makeup artist it is outrageous to pay that much for makeup brushes haha :) i will be taking VERY good care of these though! And i can guarantee they will last me a long time!! :)

Thanks for reading!! :) as always i love to hear from you guys! so questions, comments, pics anything below that pertains to this post is welcome!! :) Check in soon!! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

National Bubble Bath Day!

January 8th is national bubble bath day! did you know that? Well in honor of this wonderful day i wanted to do a bubble bath post!!!! :D why not!!?!?!

Let me just begin with, I love bubble baths... ugh they are so amazing and relaxing!! :) i do suggest taking a super quick shower after just to rinse off and finish getting clean because soaking in a bath will not get you to your cleanest! lol :) Baths are great for colds, they help open your airways! They are also great for stress relief and muscle relaxation! pretty much you cant go wrong with a bubble bath!! haha

now...... heres what i will be using on my bubble bath day!!

  Juniper Breeze, from bath and body works!! I LOVE love love this sent! It is amazing!! "This fresh,invigorating fragrance captures the refreshing essence of juniper floating through the air on a cool morning breeze." that is how bath and body works describes this scent. Idk it is just very fresh and its a relaxing scent. 

This is bath and body works warm vanilla sugar moisturizing shampoo! This stuff works great and a small quarter size amount with create enough suds to cover even my mid back length hair! :) plus it smells amazing the website describes it "Vanilla. Coconut. Basmati rice. And a touch of soft sandalwood. Together they're the inspiration for this rich and cozy scent."

To finish it off i will use some of bath and body works volumizing conditioner. In the same warm vanilla sugar scent! 

thanks for reading!! :) Tell me bellow what you will be using on your national bubble bath day!!! :) I love to hear for you guys!!!