Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hazel eyed hotties!!

Most hazel eyes either have either a yellow or a blueish tint. Whether you have the blue tint or the yellow, here is two eye shadows ideas that will make your hazel eyes scream for attention! Hazel eyes are the second most common eye color. Hazel eyes are know for the way that different colors will make the eyes seem to change colors! Hazel eyes allow you to wear almost any color to make your eyes pop!

For the first look I used a gold and a light sand brown on the lid this will just enhance the gold in your eyes. Then to compliment that a jewel tone blue on the bottom lashes close to the iris to really make the color is your eyes pop!!

For this look apply the light golden brown all over the lid, take a darker sandy brown and apply the outer half and crease of the eyelid. Take a dark navy eyeliner and apply this to the water line on your eye, to enhance that blue i took a similar shadow and used a liner brush and added that to my bottom lashes!

For the second look for hazel eyes i did a romantic smokey eye. These grey tones will allow your hazel eyes to shine on their own. This shadow will draw attention to your eyes, and that's it!

For this look I applied a light grey all over my entire lid. After that I took a medium dark grey and faded that into the outer 3/4 of my eyelid, as well as smudged some under my bottom lashes to get that true smokey eye look. Lastly, I took a charcoal matte black and added this to the outer corner and crease on my lid, and that's all for the shadow!! :)

I hope you guys try this!! Tomorrow's post will be for you ladies with those beautiful grey eyes!! :) leave me some comments!! Check in again soon!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brown eyed beauties!

There are so many people out there with beautiful eyes, who are wanting to make their eyes of whatever color they may be pop!! :) This is the first post of my eye specific eye color, eye shadow! More then 50% of the worlds population has brown eyes!! Brown eyes are a dominate trait, this is the reason for so many people having them!! Embrace your eye color, here is 2 eyeshadow techniques to use on those big brown eyes!! 

I like to use the same color eyes shadow as the iris on eyes! This Will just enhance the color! When people look at eyes that have the same color shadow as the iris there is no doubt in their mind that , that is what color eyes you have! :) haha But The monochromatic is an easy way to make that color pop!! 

For this look, I took a light golden brown and applied it ALL OVER the lid!! I took a medium brown and added that out the outer 3/4 of the eyelid! Then finished it off with a dark brown under the lashes, on the outer corner of the eyelid, and the crease! Yes... its that simple.

If your looking for something a little different and more colorful to play up those lovely brown eyes, use purple. Brown eyes have that yellow in them that with this purple compliment, will make your eyes scream for attention!! 

For this look, all I did was the same thing with the brown but purple! :) Take a light, lilac and apply it all over the lid! Take rich royal purple, and add that to the outer 3/4 of the eyelid, take a black and mix it with that purple color, and add it to the bottom lashes, the outer corner of the eyelid and the crease! and tada, your done!! :)

Thanks for reading guys!! :) Don't forget to check in tomorrow for another post in this mini series!! :) I hope you guys are excited as i am!! Let me know what you think in the comment box!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

tribal nails

Tribal nails are very popular! Here's an easy design using bright colors people LOVE for this time of the year!! Tribal nails are fun and can help you polish off that bohemian look! Everyone will love your nails!

Heres the colors i used! The first color is Mint by elf, next is rise and shine by sinful colors, third is Ebony hates chris by wet and wild, fourth is slick slate by sally hansen, and last color is flirt alert but pure ice.

For this design I painted the base with the mint green put drops of the other colors on a paper plate, and took a striping  brush, and a dotting tool (an old bobby pin) and did random designs on each nails! Remember there is no right or wrong with this on the order, the more random the better!! :)

I just want to thank my mom for letting me use her nail!! she has perfect nails for painting!!
 I hope you guys try this design out!! :) please let me know if you do!! comments, pictures, question, requests, etc. in the comment box below please!! You all should know that by now ;) check in soon!! thanks for reading!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

valentines nails and a look challenge!!

Hello my precious followers,
I am posting more valentines day fun stuff for you guys!! :) I decided that since I haven't done   anything with nails in a while I would do a nail post/Challenge post!

 So this is actually super easy to do!!

For the base i used this pink imagination, by finger paints!

I used this Crimson, by pure ice with a dotting tool to make the sweet little hearts!

I challenge you to what you, to try this look i promise your boyfriend will LOVE!!

what you will need
1. mascara
2,.a sweet natural blush of your boyfriends t-shirts

your boyfriend will love seeing you so simply beautiful! I know Derek loves this look the most out of ALL of my makeup looks! :)

Thanks for reading friends!! :) Please let me know if you try either of these especially the challenge!! i want comments, pictures, requests, and questions!! Check in soon!! I got more fun stuff coming up for you all! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines look #1

Whether you have someone, or not here's a valentines day look i hope you all will enjoy very much!! :)

To start off im using this very soft pink from the elf 24 karat pallet, im applying it with my "shadow" brush.

Apply this color all over the lid and up to the brow.

Next im taking this rich red mauve color, im applying this color with my "smudge" brush.

Im going to apply this all over the lid.

Next im taking this royal purple color with, my "shaddow" brush.

I applied the to the outer corner in an arrow shape pointing out.

With my "fluffer" brush im getting this color called "blossom" from my irresistible pallet by ulta.

I put this color all over my lid and in the inner corner of my eyelid.

Now im going to apply this dark mauve liquid eyeline to my eyes.

To finish it off i want to go with a subtle, nude gloss with a little sparkle just to polish it off!

Look romantic and irritability adorable! He wont stop looking at you!!

Thanks for reading guys!! :) i hope you try this out!! Leave me requests, comments, questions, and pictures in the comment box bellow!! That's for checking in guys!! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY baby soft lips!

Tired of those chapped lips? You know the ones where you don't smile in fear of them cracking open? Those lips you coat chapstick on in hopes they will get better but it never happends?!?! Well i know im sick of it! So i used a Vitamin HB scrub!! There is a few wonderful things about this scrub, 1. you have everything to make it in your pantry! 2. it works amazing! 3. it not just scrubs but moisturizes! 4. it smells good! 5. its easy to make! and 6. its all natural! :)

Heres what you will need!

~1/2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
~1 teaspoon of all natural honey
~2 teaspoons of sugar
~1 teaspoon of brown sugar
~a few drops of lemon juice

Mix these all together and scrub on your lips. Rinse and repeat in necessary! Dont not scrub to much though.... that would be bad... :)

Thanks for reading lovelies! :) I hope this helped!! Please leave questions, comment, pics, reviews and requests below!! :) i love hearing from you guys!! check in agian soon!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it enough?


While beauty is fun and interesting, it is not something us women and girls shouldn't be defining our self with it. Not only our country, THE WORLD.. is obsessed with beauty. This is so morbid. Beauty products and cosmetology are a hobby, and a passion of mine. I DO NOT revolve my world around this. Makeup, hair, nails, etc. is fun, and without a doubt should be enjoyed, and by all means have fun with it!! But with that said, women need to embrace their NATURAL beauty. Not only their natural beauty, women and girls should be trying to improve their INNER beauty! Makeup IS NOT ENOUGH to make you feel happy, and comfortable with who you are and what you look like!! GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD LADIES!!