Tuesday, April 24, 2012

she did what?!?!?!

Hey there, I know its been quite a while since I've last posted for you guys!!For that I am so very sorry!! I have been out of my mind busy!! Work, school and the little play time I have! But here I am unable to sleep typing this up for you guys!! :) I have school tomorrow morning and I should be in bed but I've been itching to post!!  So as you may or may not know ladies I started cosmetology school!!! YAYYYYYY :) im perusing my dream!!  I went through a breakup, im no longer with Derek (relationship of a year and a half) long story short it wasn't ment to be!! Im moving on wonderfully :) single life is what can i say.... GREAT so far!! :) But anywaysss some fun news for ya'll I WENT BLONDE!!!!

I've been told by many it looks softer on me, makes my eyes pop and fits my personality better!! :) so i guess it will be here for a while, or maybe it will stay :) So just a little news on what kinda stuff i will be postinggg! I got so much cool stuff from school that i can post for ya'll so watch out for new posts!! ill be doing possibly some question/delema and answer postss.. and some more nails, makeup and hair of course!!! :) let me know what you guys want to see on here so i can be sure to post it for ya!!! Thanks for readinggg check in soon! xox