Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long Story Short

              Give yourself a bobbed hairstyle! 

Twist and braids

*Grab a top selection of hair, like you would do to put in a half pony. Tie a rubber band to make a loose pony tail. 
*split the pony in half ABOVE the rubber band, and pull the pony tail up down through the hole you made. 
*grab hair from the front that you hand down and make a small braid. 
*Take a bobby pin and pin it back by your twisted poneytail for now. 
*Do another small braid underneath the one you just did.
*Once your done braiding grab the two braids and a new rubberband and band the braids to your twisted pony, by tying it to the existing rubberband. 
*Have a great day with great hair! :) Thanks for reading check in tomorrow for another easy hair dare ;)  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double fishtail headband

*Gab a small section of hair behind your ear on one side. 
*Fishtail braid that section of hair and tie it off with a small rubber band. 
*Do the same for the opposite side. 
*Pull fishtail braid tight to the other ear and pin down with a *bobby pin behind the ear. 
*Repeat for other braid. 
*Grab some hair spray and quickly and lightly spray the top. 
*And go about your day!