Thursday, February 16, 2012

tribal nails

Tribal nails are very popular! Here's an easy design using bright colors people LOVE for this time of the year!! Tribal nails are fun and can help you polish off that bohemian look! Everyone will love your nails!

Heres the colors i used! The first color is Mint by elf, next is rise and shine by sinful colors, third is Ebony hates chris by wet and wild, fourth is slick slate by sally hansen, and last color is flirt alert but pure ice.

For this design I painted the base with the mint green put drops of the other colors on a paper plate, and took a striping  brush, and a dotting tool (an old bobby pin) and did random designs on each nails! Remember there is no right or wrong with this on the order, the more random the better!! :)

I just want to thank my mom for letting me use her nail!! she has perfect nails for painting!!
 I hope you guys try this design out!! :) please let me know if you do!! comments, pictures, question, requests, etc. in the comment box below please!! You all should know that by now ;) check in soon!! thanks for reading!!

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