Sunday, June 10, 2012

fringe your old tshirts this summer!!

Try this edgy look this summer! Im in love with it. It reminds me of the 70's and 90's grunge looks, and its simple to create!!

Find an old plain t shirt to cut up!! Nothing special about this shirt, just an old shirt from work so its perfect!! plus.... I think its ugly.... hahah

Decide where you are going to cut up to! On my t shirt I'm going to cut where I am pointing!! You can do yours lower or higher it is all up to you!!

I'm keeping the front of the shirt on the back to get the cutting done faster! Also I'm cutting the strips about the width of my thumb. Keep in mind you will stretch these out and they will get thinner! Cut yours to you liking.

Start in the middle and finish one side and then the other. Stretch your fringe out, knot the bottom, and then cut the hem off the bottom (under the knot).

You can do WHATEVER you want to the top!! Leave it the way it is, shorten the sleeves,  swoop neck with sleeves, or do a tank top with a swoop neck, like I did!  It's all up to you!!! :)

Thanks for reading I hope you try this out!! :) Check in soon for more fun posts!! comments, questions, requests are always welcome below!!

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