Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hazel eyed hotties!!

Most hazel eyes either have either a yellow or a blueish tint. Whether you have the blue tint or the yellow, here is two eye shadows ideas that will make your hazel eyes scream for attention! Hazel eyes are the second most common eye color. Hazel eyes are know for the way that different colors will make the eyes seem to change colors! Hazel eyes allow you to wear almost any color to make your eyes pop!

For the first look I used a gold and a light sand brown on the lid this will just enhance the gold in your eyes. Then to compliment that a jewel tone blue on the bottom lashes close to the iris to really make the color is your eyes pop!!

For this look apply the light golden brown all over the lid, take a darker sandy brown and apply the outer half and crease of the eyelid. Take a dark navy eyeliner and apply this to the water line on your eye, to enhance that blue i took a similar shadow and used a liner brush and added that to my bottom lashes!

For the second look for hazel eyes i did a romantic smokey eye. These grey tones will allow your hazel eyes to shine on their own. This shadow will draw attention to your eyes, and that's it!

For this look I applied a light grey all over my entire lid. After that I took a medium dark grey and faded that into the outer 3/4 of my eyelid, as well as smudged some under my bottom lashes to get that true smokey eye look. Lastly, I took a charcoal matte black and added this to the outer corner and crease on my lid, and that's all for the shadow!! :)

I hope you guys try this!! Tomorrow's post will be for you ladies with those beautiful grey eyes!! :) leave me some comments!! Check in again soon!!

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