Saturday, March 3, 2012

blue eyed bombshell!!

Blue eyes, the eyes many wish they had! Live it up!! Play up those lovely eyes with these simple eye shadow techniques!! 

I've said it before, I'll say it again. In my opinion the BEST way to make your eye color pop is with matching eye shadow!! Blue on blue, with out a doubt people will notice your eyes!!

For this eye shadow look I started with a white eye shadow for the base. I took a light blue and added that to inner half of the eyelid and faded that out with a dark blue. Then use a dark blue eyeliner on the bottom waterline!

When you use a gold or orange tinted brown eye shadow the contrast will make make the blue in your eyes really pop!!

For this look I put a pale gold eye shadow all over my lid. Then I took a dark grey and just added it to my crease for some dimension!!

Green eyes are the next and final eye color for this mini series!! If you have any requests or comments leave them in the comment box below!!! :) thanks for reading!!


  1. I just wish that my eyes had some colors, they are just plain greyish blueish greenish color!

  2. Sabrina, try mixing some techniques from the grey, green or blue! Use the blue or green techniques to pull out that tint in your eyes! ;)