Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gorgous grey eyes!

Grey eyes are so beautiful! Athena the geek goddess of was was believed to have eyes of grey. These powerful eyes are elegant and fun to play up!! Here are 2 makeup techniques i hope you ladies with grey eyes try!! :)

When you use dark colors on your grey eyes it will really make them pop! Using a dark charcoal black on your eyes will make them stand out!!

 This makeup look is very simple!! Take a black liner and apply it only to the lower eyelid and smudge it out apply a black eye shadow on top of that and then face out the top and the crease with a grey eye shadow! :)

For the next look i used deep jewel tones! Grey eyes are very similar to blue and most grey eyes have a blueish tint, these jewel tones with pull those flecks out to make your eyes be the center of attention!!

for this look i simply applied a deep purple to the inner half of the lid and faded that to a royal blue on the outer half! I did add a little of an emerald green right under the lashes just for one more jewel tone to add some visual interest!!

Tomorrow's eye color in the spotlight is blue!! :) Watch out for that!! I hope you guys are enjoying this mini series! Leave me a comment, or request below! Thanks for reading!! :)

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