Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lets Talk Shoes.

I bet all of you ladies are creating your Christmas wish list! It is that time of year after all!! Perfect time for some shoe talk... Ya'll know I love my shoes!!

Lets start with some interesting history on heels, I'm sure we all have figured heels have been around for a while.. I mean come on, all those princesses and queens had to have rocked some wicked kicks, even back then... right?? OF COURSE!! In fact heels were often worn in vogue by both sexes! Quite interesting to think of men in heels, but for them this was a frequently worn fashion statement, and completely normal for those with rank.

Heels are depicted in ancient Egypt murals! But the earliest heels have been recorded was during the Hellinic times (ancient Greece). In both instances these elevated shoes were worn by both men and women. Heels really because more popular in later years. Around the 1500's when "many have argued heels were invented, despite the evidence of them in previous centuries. They suggested that heels originated in 1533 when Catherine de' medici wore heels made in Florence, Italy. To he wedding, where she married the duke of Orleans, Henry II of France.

Think Louis Vuitton's, are the first "Louis heels"?? Guess again!! Louis XIV of France, had a shoemaker by the name of Nicholas Lestage design heels around 1660. These heels became very popular among the ladies. These outward tapered, concave curved heels were referred to as "Louis heels" or "Pompadour heels" not after the hairstyle silly girls, but as in Madame de' pompadour (a.k.a Jeanne Antoinette, before getting her title, from the king who purchased marquisate of pompadour and gave the estate, its coat-of-arms and its title to her. So she was able to be present in court.) who often wore this style of heel quite often.

Come on... you know you want a pair ;)

Well, we have evolved quite a bit since the days of the "pompadour heel" with our 1 inch platform heels now. But, I can only hope I have given you a deeper respect for your heels. :) Remember the above while you are crying inside from the pain your feeling, because you decided to wear YOUR heels... to the mall... ;)

Now, here are some adorable modern styles.
Today I wanted to share some cute designs from, they have a great selection on heels; for fair prices too. These are just a few that I think are great for the holiday season.

These are perfect for those Christmas parties soon! Pair them with a little black dress and a red head band, your heels will steal the show; and you'll be sure to turn heads!

Cheetah-02 Glitter Almond toe platform pump. In red $30.80

Your going to need a pair of boots like these! Get a neutral color you can wear with many things this season. Wear these out to look at lights (zoo lights in your in Phoenix would be a great place to rock these ;) ) , or for getting together with family!

Paprika Razi- S slouchy round toe knee high boot. In camel $35.20

I love these bootie! These would be perfect with some brown leggings,an off white flowy top, and a patterned scarf, for your families thanks giving dinner. Great for many other events as well! Adorable shoes, and a great add to your collection. ;)

Chelsea-1 two tone platform bootie. In brown $21.50

Just a few style ideas, this time of year is so much fun to play wardrobe! Thanks for reading! Watch out for more posts coming up.. i know it has been awhile ;)

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