Monday, December 5, 2011

Victorian Disco Review!!! :)

So, on beautylish Smashley, the maker on Victorian Disco was talking about sending out trial loose shadows!! I jumped on it this is my first time using an indie company! But I really liked her stuff!! So im going to try not to type to much because there are a bunch of pics!! :) haha

So basically to start heres a pic of the colors i got!! :) note aphrodite is actually atropine!!!

So i don't have any primer at the moment, but thats totally fine because the colors are so vibrant on there own!! They even go one very smooth with minimal fallout!

So this is my first look with the shadows! Im calling it "green with envy"! :) The color on the outer in monarchy, middle atropine, inner droids.

This next look with the shadows is called "compliment are always welcome"! The inner color is do the jabba jabba and the outer is ACR!

Lovelies... I would highly recommend her makeup!! Its very vibrant and is true to the color when put on the skin!! You can check out the makeups websites!

Thanks for reading!! I hope you check out her stuff!!

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