Monday, December 12, 2011

6th day of Christmas collaboration!

Christmas trees are unique to every family!! :) That's why Lindsey and I decides to bring you guys outfits/looks inspired by, none other then our own christmas trees!!! :D

Anyone who knows my family knows that we are not your typical everyday family! :D haha We dont even take "Normal" family christmas pictures! From "redneck" to "80's totally awesome christmas!"! This year for chirstmas the frame of our tree is a latter :) haha So with this edgy,colorful tree i bring you my edgy colorful outfit!! :)

This color dress is a redish hot pink color! Its an 80's inspired dress from decoded! :) I paired it with a clear jeweled costume jewelry necklace, and a pair of patent leather black pumps! :)Have fun with your wardrobe this holiday ladies!! :) Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing this!!

But wait!!!! :) YOU NOT DONE YET!!! Check out lindesy's blog! From what i hear its going to be colorful!! :D Check it out! she has a super cute blog yall will love! :)

post pics, comments questions, requests below i love hearing from you!!! :) <3

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