Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 days of Christmas collaboration! day 5!! GOLD!!

Today Lindesy and i decided that since the 5th day of christmas in the song is 5 golden rings, we would do gold looks for you all!!! :) I know we are both excited to post these for you everyday and we hope you are all loving it as well!! :)

Basically what i did for my look was i used gold eyeshadows, a brown liquid eyeliner, and a dark purple eyeshadow. I took maybelline golden halo creme eyeshadow with, two gold colors from Victorian Disco Cosmetics called Droid, and Do the Jabba Jabba, and layered them with the golden halo over my whole eyelid,  Do the jabba jabba in the center and droid in the very middle and a highlight! Then I took a dark royal purple and accented the crease! I did a winged eyeliner, and then used regular mascara! Super simple! And super cute!! :) Here are some pics!! :)

Dont forget to check out lindesy blog!! She did a super cute gold look!! She went all out!! You will be in love with it!! :D

Thanks again for reading!! :) You guys are great, comments, questions, pictures below! :) Check in soon!!

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