Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 days of Christmas collaboration, day 3! Finger waves!

Today for our collaboration, we decided to do a holiday party hairstyle! I knew right away what i wanted to do! I wanted to tackle the classic fingerwave!! This is such an elegant look, that will wow everyone at the holiday party!! Now by no means will i say this is an easy look..... This takes dedication and practice! But you will get the hang of it!! I am not doing a video tutorial for this, i am computer challenged and i cant do the fast forward on the videos and blah blah blah.. but im going to put up a diagram for you all! :) Which should be sufficient :)

Sorry about all the pics! :D i just loved it so much that i couldnt stop taking pics! haha :) okay so here is a close up of the waves!

That is what mine turned out like im working on getting them tighter! But that will come in good time! haha

here is a diagram!

Step#1~ Brush hair down with lots of water and and gel!
Step#2~ Brush hair back away from the face in a "c" shape.
Step#3~Push down hair firmly with a finger or two. (or use the side of your hand)
Step#4~ Take the hair underneath and slide comb forward like line under the "c" shape above.
Step#5~ Gently brush that hair smooth
Step#6~Repeat the steps for the separate directions!
Step#7~pin and heat to dry! Take pins out and curl the ends of your hair!!

I hope you guys will try this!! :) as always comments,questions, and pictures are welcome below!! :) thanks for reading!

DONT FORGET*** To check out Lindsey blog!! She is doing a super cute look you guys wont be able to get enough of! :)


  1. These look so cute i can't wait to try it out!!!

  2. Im happy to hear that Samantha!! :)