Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 day collaboration: day 4

Today, it was suppose to be yesterday! Im sorry people for not posting yesterday But we decided to do lip products we are recommending for the holidays!!

My lipstick recommendation is~ BARBIE PINK!!!!! :) bright pink!! This is as much of a statement as red but its is softer and more sweet!! :) Switch it up this season!!

Well ladies and gents! As you may know, I do not typically use lip glosses or lipsticks at all! My top recommendation  for the holiday season is Burt's bees and Burt's bees lifeguards choice!
This stuff is great to keep your lips from getting chapped, and this also protects against, sun and the snow! :)

But for you lip glossers and lip stickers! I would recommend these items!!


These lip glosses are all from bath and body works the first one is a super cute vanilla with white and cream colored glitter, the second is a peppermint gloss, and the last is a cinnamint! :)

Dont forget!! I hope you all have been checking out lidnsey's blog!! :)

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