Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovely candy cane tips!

This is not part of Lindsey and my collaboration. I was just bored wanted something ne on my nails and anyone who knows me personally knows i paint my nails like 4 days! haha But anyways!! This just a cute simple design  I came up with! I really like the way it turned out i hope you all do as well!! :) Its super easy so try it out for yourself as always if you have any questions, comment, pictures of your own feel free to leave me a comment!! :) thanks for reading!! check in soon!!


  1. love love love love this blog! hahah i followed! also could you give me some tips on my blog? i would love my blog to be as good as yours one day xx

  2. aww!! :) well thanks!! Id love to give you some pointers! ill go checkout you blog!! :)xx