Sunday, January 29, 2012

red hot

Hello my beautiful followers! Soooo im so very excited to post my new hair color for you guys!! This color is obviously not what i told you guys i was going to get, and honestly not the color I intended at all! But it is what it is and i like it quite a bit actually! Plus who knows it may fad to the color i want :D we will see!! The brand of hair dye i used was ion, which i hear is the best long lasting red they sell at sally's, plusss when i bought two i got a free "finger paint" nailpolish so i got a super soft almost nude pink. :) its so pretty ill do a post with the color mmaayyybbbbeee a nail design ;) hehe we will see!! Alright alright, pics already i know!! haha here.

Im so excited for the new stuff i have coming for you guys!!! :) thanks for reading guys!! :) check in soon!! and as always leave me a comment ;)

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