Saturday, January 28, 2012

new haircut and, soon to be new hair color! :)

Hey guys!! :) I got my haircut yesterday!! :) my hair was super long, super dead at the ends, and had no layers! Sooooo I put layers got all the gross dead stuff cut off, and got some cute fringe bangs :) inspired by this same picture of the hair color I'm choosing! :)  this is is!!

ahhhhhh im so excited!! :) this is such a pretty color!!!! :)

okay but heres some pics for you guys of the cut! :) i will post pics of the new color too! :)

my hair look red in this pic but its not! haha :) it will be though!!!!!

Im sorry i havent been posting for you guys! i promise i will get better at thay ;) check in soon! :) thanks for reading!


  1. I love it! it's a great color and I think it'll look great on you. I love Ashley's hair when it was like this.

  2. thank you!! :) i dyed it today and im about to post the new pics, its darker then i want but i figure it will fade! The swatch was the same color as hers but oh well!! but yeah i loved her hair like this as well! And she is perfect for me to grab hair inspiration from because we have the same hair type..... very thin hahah thanks for reading noelle! :) loved hearin from ya!