Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giveaway prize I won! review on the products!!

Hey guys!! :) so it has been a while this i know! haha im so sorry, i just haven't gotten around to post! But today I got in my giveaway prize! Im soooo excited!! okay so lets get started!!

Okay! so the prize came with this set of chapstick and hand salve. The hand salve smells AMAZING!! Its a lavender but i smell alittle pine in there as well, like most hand salves :) It works great as well! Now the chapsticks are great, i love the scents they are so unique!! One is citrus it smells so organic and fresh like the zest from a fresh orange!! And the green tub is SPEARMINT!! ughhh.... i love it!! Its great!!! 

 This is the blush i received! It adds a very fresh pink tint to the skin! and its very soft! The bottom of the compact flips down as well and has a mirror and a place to hold the brush. 

This is the bronzer i got, i love this bronzer the its very natural looking and not shimmery where is extreamly noticeable its very subtle. Like the blush it as well has a mirror on the bottom! 

The mascara has an AMAZING brush!! Its so thick!! This is such a great mascara! :)

And these, my friends, are the brushes i got! Royal and Langnickel brushes! :) 120 dollar value! This is there green silk collection, in a cork case! I LOVE them! I can honestly say though if these wouldn't have been free i never would have been able to call myself the owner of these fine brushes! In my opinion unless you are a professional makeup artist it is outrageous to pay that much for makeup brushes haha :) i will be taking VERY good care of these though! And i can guarantee they will last me a long time!! :)

Thanks for reading!! :) as always i love to hear from you guys! so questions, comments, pics anything below that pertains to this post is welcome!! :) Check in soon!! 

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