Saturday, January 7, 2012

National Bubble Bath Day!

January 8th is national bubble bath day! did you know that? Well in honor of this wonderful day i wanted to do a bubble bath post!!!! :D why not!!?!?!

Let me just begin with, I love bubble baths... ugh they are so amazing and relaxing!! :) i do suggest taking a super quick shower after just to rinse off and finish getting clean because soaking in a bath will not get you to your cleanest! lol :) Baths are great for colds, they help open your airways! They are also great for stress relief and muscle relaxation! pretty much you cant go wrong with a bubble bath!! haha

now...... heres what i will be using on my bubble bath day!!

  Juniper Breeze, from bath and body works!! I LOVE love love this sent! It is amazing!! "This fresh,invigorating fragrance captures the refreshing essence of juniper floating through the air on a cool morning breeze." that is how bath and body works describes this scent. Idk it is just very fresh and its a relaxing scent. 

This is bath and body works warm vanilla sugar moisturizing shampoo! This stuff works great and a small quarter size amount with create enough suds to cover even my mid back length hair! :) plus it smells amazing the website describes it "Vanilla. Coconut. Basmati rice. And a touch of soft sandalwood. Together they're the inspiration for this rich and cozy scent."

To finish it off i will use some of bath and body works volumizing conditioner. In the same warm vanilla sugar scent! 

thanks for reading!! :) Tell me bellow what you will be using on your national bubble bath day!!! :) I love to hear for you guys!!! 

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