Saturday, February 4, 2012

valentines nails and a look challenge!!

Hello my precious followers,
I am posting more valentines day fun stuff for you guys!! :) I decided that since I haven't done   anything with nails in a while I would do a nail post/Challenge post!

 So this is actually super easy to do!!

For the base i used this pink imagination, by finger paints!

I used this Crimson, by pure ice with a dotting tool to make the sweet little hearts!

I challenge you to what you, to try this look i promise your boyfriend will LOVE!!

what you will need
1. mascara
2,.a sweet natural blush of your boyfriends t-shirts

your boyfriend will love seeing you so simply beautiful! I know Derek loves this look the most out of ALL of my makeup looks! :)

Thanks for reading friends!! :) Please let me know if you try either of these especially the challenge!! i want comments, pictures, requests, and questions!! Check in soon!! I got more fun stuff coming up for you all!