Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your must knows; about stress!

Is stress getting to you? This is not a good thing at all... This has negative effects on the mind AND body!!

what is stress? stress is the reaction your body takes to protect you from threatening situations. The body scenes all types of danger this could be real or imaginary, and goes into fight or flight or the stress reaction. When your body detects all of these things your endocrine system releases stress hormones, these hormones may be very familiar to you they are called adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones allow you to act in emergency situations. What this causes is the heart to speed up, your muscles will contract, blood pressure rises, your scenes become sharper, and your breathing becomes more rapid. The down side is, this is only good for your body for so long..these symptoms are only beneficial to the body a limited amount of time before they become harmful! Stress can become damaging to your body, mind, behavior, mood, relationships, and so much more!

Realize when enough is enough!! Always be paying attention to your stress levels! They could feel normal and then all smack you at once!

Stress signs and symptoms- These are some symptoms you can look for.
-memory problems   -not able to concentrate  -pessimistic  -anxious  -racing thoughts  -worrying  -moodiness  -irritability  -feeling overwhelmed  -sense on loneliness  -depression  -aches  -pains
-diarrhea and constipation  -nausea dizziness  -chest pain  -rapid heat beat  -frequent colds  -loss of sex drive  -eating more or less  -sleeping TOO much or TOO little -isolation  -procrastination  -nervous habits
-drugs and alcoholism

Stress under extreme long periods is know as chronic stress. Chronic disorders are reoccurring. This has a HUGE negative tole on the body!! This is why you need to recognize your stress and take care of it! Chronic stress can cause a raised blood pressure, increase heat rate, suppressed immune system, heart attack, stroke, chronic stress can contribute to infertility, as well as the speeding up of ageing through out the whole body, ulcers, and even some heart disorders such as premature ventricular contractions or PVC.

stress eliminators- There are many ways to eliminate stress, and everyone is different! These are a few products you can use, and below that is a list of stress relievers! :)

bath and body works has a whole collection of aroma therapy products that are stress relieving! This is there eucalyptus spearmint body spray! They also have bubble bath, body scrub, lotions and more!

    Chamomile tea is another great quick stress reliever! :)

also try- *working out  *painting  *writing  *hiking  *surrounding yourself with nature  *talking to someone  *taking deep breaths  *yoga  *cooking  *laughter  *time management  *eating a balanced diet  *reduce caffeine intake  * don't procrastinate  *vacation  *plant a garden there are so many more things you can do to manage your stress, help your body and mind! stay beautiful!! :)

Thank you for reading check back in soon!! :)

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