Tuesday, November 22, 2011

perfect holiday smile!

Nothing says look at me other then a fantastic smile!! I know you ladies have that fabulous red lipstick, why not play it up with those fantastic white teeth your craving!!

You might be thinking.... Kailyn come on I don't have the time to sit there in the waiting room of the dentist office, or the money to pay for the dentist to bleach them in the first place!! And those whitening strips... come on they don't work! But, that's not at all what I'm going to tell you guys!! :D yayy! You can do the ever so popular peroxide and backing soda :) which works great, but if that's not your taste ;)

STRAWBERRIES!! yesss strawberries! You can whiten your teeth with them! Here's how ya' do it! crush a strawberry into a paste and mix with some baking soda! no specific amount! :) just make sure its evenly blended together! use this paste that you have created to brush your teeth... Its literally that simple!! But.. ladies... don't take this over board! The malic acid is what allows this to work, and this acid will eat away the protective enamel on your teeth!! So do this once a week, for 5 mins, brush and rinse with your normal toothpaste afterwords! And as always lovelies, brush your tongue and floss your teeth to keep that fresh breath!!

This will finish off any holiday look you are going for enjoy ladies and thanks for reading! :)

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