Monday, October 24, 2011


Soo, my lovely followers or those of you who visit but are not followers. I am sorry I havent posted in a while! Ive been working alot and when i havent been working I was out with Derek. Or I just wanted to relax :) hehe but yes i know i have neglected to give you guys stuff to look at an read! :) so here I go!

Ive been doing only natural looking makeup lately. I like to use a skin tone colored eyeshadow and put a black liner ONLY on my top water line!! Doing this will not show the black to where people will see you are wearing liner but it will make your lashes look thicker! Then I polish of the look off with some black NON-water proof mascara. This look is super easy and guys love it! :) They love seeing you comfortable in your own skin, and they love seeing your natural beauty!

Tomorrow i am dying my hair my hopefully natural color! :) I will post pictures for you all! Keep checking in for new posts! Thanks for reading! :)

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